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CountrySorted ascending State FirstName LastName Organization
    Riccardo Giovanelli  
    Don Barry  
    Shan Huang  
    Carl Ferkinhoff  
    Michael Roman  
    Manolis Papastergis  
    Jim Cordes  
    Shoshe Cole  
    Pon Tangmatitham  
    Sharvari Nadkarni  
UK   Mike Jones  
USA   Joyce Byun Cornell University
USA   Kevin Schindler Cornell Astronomical Society
USA   Istvan Laszlo  
USA   Tyler Pauly  
USA   Dan Tamayo Cornell University
USA   Zhimeng Zhang  
USA   Sam Stonebraker Cornell Astronomical Society
USA   Lukas Leisman  
USA   Wen Fu  
USA   Everett Schlawin Cornell University
USA   Hua Liu Cornell Astronomical Society
USA   Steve Squyres Cornell University
USA   Matt Hedman  
USA   Robert Christ  
USA   Melanie Goodman  
USA   Megan Comins Cornell University
USA   Greg Sloan  
USA   Class Astro3332  
USA   Amit Vishwas  
USA   Michael Hammer Cornell Astronomical Society
USA   Henrik Spoon Cornell University
USA   Alex Hayes  
USA   Astro 671  
USA   Brecken Blackburn Cornell Astronomical Society
USA   Kelly Garcia CAS
USA   Phuong Ngo  
USA   Chrisopher Goes CAS
USA   Jeremy Fredricks CAS
USA   Art Samplaski Cornell Astronomical Society
USA   Paola Torres CAS
USA   Wes Watters  
USA   Ryan Lau Cornell University
USA   Eric Petersen  
USA   Pam Smith Cornell University
USA   Adrian P CAS
USA   Jim Fuller Cornell University
USA   Andrea Dietrich  
USA   Arthur Wilk  
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