George Gull

George Gull '72 has enjoyed one of the longest careers of any member with the Cornell Department of Astronomy. As a mechanical engineering undergraduate, he undertook a senior thesis under the direction of James Houck which consisted of designing the equatorial fork mounting of the HBO telescope and then overseeing its fabrication. He continued to work with Prof. Houck for three decades, designing and fabricating multiple generations of astronomical instruments, including ones that flew aboard sounding rockets, the NASA Learjet, Galileo, and Kuiper airborne observatories, and which attached to ground-based telescopes at observatories such as Palomar. Working with Prof. Terry Herter, George's final decade was spent leading the design and construction of the FORCAST facility instrument aboard the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy.

George has described his job as "Chief Toymaker" for the Cornell astronomical instrumentation effort.

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