Astronomy 3332 - Elements of Astrophysics


From the Course Catalog

4 credits

Introduction to astronomy, with emphasis on the application of physics to the study of the universe. Covers: physical laws of radiation; distance, size, mass, and age of stars, galaxies, and the universe; stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis; supernovae and black holes; galaxies and quasars. Introduction to cosmology. Mainly intended for students of science, engineering, and science education interested in astronomy and astrophysics.

From the Syllabus

Welcome to Astronomy 3332, Elements of Astrophysics. In this course, we will survey the astronomy and astrophysics of stars, galaxies, and the Universe. Throughout, we will emphasize how we can apply physics to astronomical objects and how we know what we know.

Who's in Charge?

The Spring 2010 semester of Astro 3332 has been taught by Greg Sloan and Henrik Spoon.

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